Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Job: 2nd Sites- Royal Belum State Park, Perak (Part I)

This site is rather different, more adventurous and unique from the previous one (Fraser's Hill, Pahang). Just a short description how i felt before the trip: Nervous.. Panic. Why? Answer: Haven't been there and have been trying hard to imagine.. how Royal Belum looks like.. Whether i'll get to see the birds i would like to see... whether my consultants are well taken care of.. and sort forth.. (and the same time i was panic because i didn't have time to do my shopping). This trip i was rather excited too.. because it would be my very 1st "camping" trip. First time touched and set up camping material.. the TENT and Cooking Utensils (Ooo.. cooking in the camp site).

All Set and ready to go to our Paradise. All consultants were excited because this is the only trip that got to meet up with each other and assessed the site together. I called them as the "Awesome TRIO".

We started our adventurous journey right after we entered Kuala Kangsar. Our first birding site: Lenggong, Perak (Habitat: Agricultural Area - Paddyfield) where we sighted quite a number of Brown Shrike and Munias (and plus kampung chicken). We also did sighted one raptor (unId).

Right after lunch, we made our last stop for 1st day at Banding Lakeside Inn. One of the thing i love about Banding Lakeside Inn Resort (with special request..) was the view of Tasik Temengor.

Yup.. that's the 1st day of my Royal Belum State Park's diary after long hour driving and meeting with the stakeholders. Too dah! ^^

Psss....Would you like to know who are the "Awesome Trio"?

Kudos.. (My idols.. My heros)

Reminder to myself: I shall not complaint about my job (until the project ends). In fact, i love my job so much and would love to further my studies on ecotourism. Hehe.. still in the dreaming about it.

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