Tuesday, September 28, 2010

63rd MNS AGM, Taman Rimba Ledang, Johor

Welcome to the 63rd MNS AGM

24-26th September 2010 : The 63rd MNS AGM was held at Taman Rimba Ledang, Taman Negara Johor Gunung Ledang. 25th is the official date for MNS AGM and it's the most important day too. Why? It's the election time where you can feel the "heat" who can be the next MNS president, vice president and council members. *hoho ho... *

24th: Most of the MNS staffs from HQ arrived Taman Rimba Ledang, Taman Negara Johor Gunung Ledang to set up for the registration & election and exhibition booth ; to arrange accommodation for the members and to make sure everything run smoothly without any flaws.

Well usually things won't work out the way we all assume or want. MNS signage wasn't there to direct the members to Pintu B. *no panic, no finger pointing.* All of us were calm and yup.. that's our 1st on spot assignment.. thank god with Lay Ean's creativity mind and my on spot problem solving mind.. to get the materials for the signage and Ta ta... photo 1.. that's our creation =)

Here is the signage that we had done within 1 hour....

The Park Ranger had done a wonderful job for us by putting it right outside the entrance before entered the oil palm plantation which lead to Pintu B. Hoorah!

After a few hours .... This was the result: The 63rd MNS AGM is ready!!

This was set up by MNS Johor Branch members .. Well done!

With the help and guidance from MNS Johor Branch member, Mr Vincent Chow. He showed a few tips on how to showcase MNS Exhibits which attracts members' attention.

25th - It was pretty packed not only with human.. the venue was packed with merchandise and votes (the most important item for this AGM) as well. Wee Chin gave all of us an early morning briefing. From registration to exhibition... and to "where shall i submit my ballot form". One of the tips i learned from her: Ever-ready to equip yourself to serve the members with a smile (in no matter situations/conditions).

The crowd came in around 12pm. Hoo hah.. the registration booth where i was stationed were packed. Luckily all MNS members were really friendly and understandable. At the same time, it's a great opportunity for newbie like me to know "identify" who are MNS members from each branch. Lots of the members love to ask "Where shall i submit my ballot form?" "I want to know where am i staying? or "Where is the meeting ah and what time ah?" Haha.. funny and it's a great opportunity for me to get to know their names and which branch too.

Crowd: All ready to enter the meeting hall and to cast their votes!

This year apparently one of the largest crowd (according to members and senior staffs). Hoorah... and it's really a great opportunity for newbie to understand "What is MNS".

About 100 members (staffs and councils) attended this AGM. Huge group.. Imagine the hall was pretty packed until one or two of us sat on the floor.

Well done!

While they were having serious discussion in the meeting hall, guess who else were busy as well? Nope.. not us that stationed at the registration and election booth. Nope.. not from the merchandise and exhibition booth.. too! Hehe.. It's the Malay Tapirs. 4 of them had a serious meeting too. Guess they were busy discussing who will be the next MNS President and also.. about the 70th Conference and dinner ^.~

Tapir A: "Alright everyone. Let's gather and have to seriously think through who will be the next MNS president." Tapir B: " Ahh.. must be..... " Tapir C: "Aiyah.. anyone will do la. The most important thing is everyone in MNS must remember the..... " . All Tapirs..:" Yes, the 4 Calls for this year 70th Anniversary!". Tapir D : "Eh.. where is my chance to talk ah...?"

The AGM ended around 730pm. Everyone was so excited about the new councils. Congrats to the new councils.. and looking forward to know and direct MNS to the new direction for a better future. Hoorah!

And Guess what happened to the Tapirs...?

Still busy discussing on ... "probably other topics" . One of them.. planning to leave the discussion because it's way too.. time consuming (i guess).

Great job to all MNS family members esp MNS Johor Branch for being a great host. Last but not least.. Two thumbs up to all the rangers, officers, manager of the Taman Rimba Ledang, Taman Negara Johor, Gunung Ledang. Ever-ready assistance.. always appreciated.

Want to know who are MNS new councils for 2010 - 2012?
The results from the election can be found/click here ^^


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