Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Job: 2nd Sites- Royal Belum State Park, Perak (Sg Papan & Sg Kejar)

The next day, we left Banding around 830am to have our 2nd meeting with other stakeholders at Gerik. In fact, that day i would considered a "shocking" morning for me because of the last minute changes on the meeting venue and had a slight problem with the entry permit. Somehow, my panic level was not as high as i expected (trust me, last time i would just cry, went blank and could feel my heart pumping very fast). Guess it must be the people around me and gave me the courage and supports. With them around, i can really feel the "i can rely on" aura that has comforted me. Heart to all my consultants. psss....I still remember how they comforted me. Hugs~~

Come back to the adventurous story. Right after the meeting, i can see our faces .. all felt relief and ready to go leave Banding. We reached the Jetty Awam around 3pm.

Jetty Awam...

Check out the Signages..

The boat for the next 4 days @ RBSP... (Thanks PSPC)

Yee Hah! Boat Ride.. That's when our journey started! Royal Belum... Here we all come.

We made our first pit stop in Royal Belum: Kem Sg Papan. This kem is different from other kem because of 1) watch tower that have a great view of mammal or birds (somehow, they will pay a visit on the salt lick site) and 2) easy assessed trail via hanging bridge (birders would definitely love this easy, short and leveled/flat trail). **Note - Temporary: this camp (kem) is not open for public because it still in the upgrading process.**

Park Ranger's office (where they cook, rest and work)

Salt Lick - Animals favourite hangout place..

After the assessment (1 hour), we headed towards our resting site: Kem Sg Kejar which was about half an hour (rough estimation: 45 mins) boat ride from Kem Sg Papan. Along the journey, i got my 1st lifer: Lesser-fish Eagle. We all sighted about 3 of them and at the same time, we heard a few hornbills' calls too (excited indeed!). Besides that, we also saw a few orang asli villages too.

One of the orang asli villages... Beautiful. Truly Malaysia..

After 45 mins, finally we reached our destination: Kem Sg Kejar.

Right after we reached Kem Sg Kejar, we were so busy setting our : tent (for resting) and FOOD..(as for food, haha.. no photos because way too busy with preparing food and enjoying our meals)~~

Glenda and myself - Our Little Tent.

After so many months working with MNS, this was the first night that i slept so early. Have a good rest and more post about my Royal Belum State Park on the way...~~

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yen said...

love your job, wish I have your job. used to fish at Sg. Papan x 2. The hut was where me and friends camped.