Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Overdue Post: 1..2..3... (A lot more to come..)

What is this counting about? Pretty strange title, huh?

Some of you might know what it is about. But, most of you still struggling, right? *whink*

This year (mid of February till April), i spent most of my weekend counting. Counting? Strange.. counting numbers? Counting stars?.. (*tick tock.. tick tock*). Ta ..Ta.. Counting migratory raptors from Pulau Rupat, Sumatra. Ooo.. What's Raptors? Let me help you. Here you go: The definition of Raptor is.. Bird of Prey (click here). Hahaa... =D

A person like me with no knowledge about raptor (such as how they look like, which direction they coming in, how their flying pattern looks like and etc), i could say i'm pretty brave enough (self praise..mua haha) to take up this challenge.

Want to know about my feeling after taking up this challege? Yes? No?
My feeling: (Before) A night before my first raptor count weekend, i found myself having pretty hard time to sleep or even close my eyes. Why? Pretty easy.... That's because i was way too excited about it and i kept question myself: "How raptor look like huh? How do i know which spot should i take into account? A lot of what and how... *sigh... * (After): I felt like i would love to know more about raptors especially the migration patterns (Found it interesting how the raptors travel and how do they know it's their time to change locations or travel from north to south hemisphere and vice versa).

Journey of Raptor Count (Aka Raptor watch) begins here:
1st raptor count weekend:
On Saturday (Mr Tang, my first Raptor count's Xi Fu picked me up around 6 a.m. The first question Mr Tang asked me: "Feeling excited?". I took a couple of seconds to think before i replied (That's me when i didn't have enough rest) and i said: "Yes!" Our conversation was pretty fun and informative. It's basically about my background (education and work profile) and why i'm interested to join raptor count.

We reached Tanjung Tuan arounnd 8am. The group leader for this weekend was Lim Kim Chye (KC). My Xi Kong whom i really salute and admired. Haha don't get me wrong. I admired how passionate he is with bird conservation and environment. This is what i call "Hero.. A True Hero or Xi Fu".

Before the raptor count began, KC and other experience birders shared their knowledge and tips of how to ID birds especially raptors. Wooo... i can say.. it's a lot of information. Well information which i can't get from textbook or anywhere else. =D

Within two days (when there was no raptors), you'll definitely heard this from the counters: "Raptor oh.. Raptor, where ar thou? When are you all coming? Please come la..."

My feeling when i encountered my very first raptor count:
There is no words to describe this feeling. All i can say are : "It's really AMAZING!!! I was like "Fuiyoh!.. FWah..." It's just like documentary aired in National Geography. It's FANTASTIC! Truly AWESOME!" (this happened when there were hundreds of raptors especially Oriental Honey Buzzards, Sparrowhawks and Black Baza came in groups or individuals). It's a "WOW!" (it's like when your dreams come true!)

After my first raptor count weekend, the xi fus asked me whether i would like to join other weekends. My immediate answer was YES! of course! (and it's a great chance to meet other local bird experts).

I've joined 3 Raptor counts Weekends 2009. Along these journey, i met a number of bird experts that i truly respect and would love to follow them to any birding trips.

It's pretty addictive and fun birding field trips with the experts. Not only learn about raptors.. you'll also get to learn about their habitats, other migratory and local birds. A true experience that you'll never get to learn from books. Besides that, you will also get to learn how to share experience and knowledge , how to treasure, how to be calm and patience and enjoy team work "work together as family". *hik hik * (* Now i'm planning to go for the spring raptor watch.. at Perak) . This is also the best time to increase your "lifers" list. Hahaa... =D

Applause and salute to all my XI Fus! Great Effort and Keep up with the Great Job!! Hip hip Hooray!!!!!

(Thanks to Ying for giving me ideas about designing photo album. Hugs..& Muaks!)


terence said...

Welcome to "raptorphile" and hope you can become one. Reading your story it remind me back to my early days when I began birding and Raptor watch/observation.

Hope to read more of your adventeru.

alchi1210 said...

Hi Terence,

thanks for your comment. hhaa.. guess i still got long way to go to write "my birding experience" . Still need a lot of comments on my writing. hehee.. i heard about your name from Dave or Bon Eu.

Heard you are related to Kim Chye. Hope to catch up with you soon. Might need ur help on birdwatching especially on birding sites in Malaysia.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.